This is not another alternative energy study. Instead, The Prologue identifies and charts the unfolding security trajectory of an early 21st century unpredictable global phenomenon: the ascent of alternative energy as a socio-political and techno-economic megatrend in the context of the ongoing technological revolution and a world in disequilibrium.

From its humble beginnings, alternative energy’s visions, policies, applications, and practices have advanced considerably. It has assumed the mantle of a global game-changer with far-reaching promises and pitfalls that go beyond actual technological capabilities. The alternative energy megatrend now plays a transformative role vis-à-vis societal values, political-economic priorities, and commercial practices.

However, the security context surrounding developments in alternative energy remains mostly uncharted territory. Of particular absence are the trend’s geopolitical, geo-economic, defense and environmental security implications. This gap in the global security architecture fails to recognize or address any tangible security implications resulting from the development of alternative energy. Through the prism of universal securitization, Dr. Alexander Mirtchev’s provocative new book –  The Prologue: The Alternative Energy Megatrend in a Universally Securitized World aims to fill this gap.

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