Through the prism of the alternative energy megatrend’s trajectory in a world of profound transformation, Alexander Mirtchev’s The Prologue analyzes the upcoming global security challenges that are geopolitical, geo-economic, defense, nuclear, and environmental in nature. On this basis,  the study outlines the early 21st century global security metamorphosis and the approaches, strategies and policies relevant to these developments.

The Prologue addresses the following questions:

  • How is the early 21st century world becoming universally securitized?
  • Why and how have contemporary alternative energy developments evolved into a global socio-political and techno-economic megatrend?
  • What are the attributes and the implications of this geopolitical, geo-economic, defense and environmental security megatrend?
  • What does the megatrend’s projected future indicate about geopolitical, geo-economic, defense and environmental security developments?
  • What could be the shape and focus of the approaches, strategies and policies necessary to benefit from the transforming 21st century security landscape?

The Prologue endeavors to answer these questions through the conceptual framework of a modern universally-securitized world in which mutually-interacting threats have amplified and/or transformed the security considerations of today’s globalized, interdependent and ever multiplying actors.

Via this universal securitization concept, The Prologue posits prerequisites for a dynamic security prioritization approach and proposes the adequate strategies and policies.